Sweet 16 Birthday Invitations

Get ready for the party of your life! Sweet 16 birthday parties are one of the most important and memorable birthdays. This milestone marks a transition for many young women into the direction of adulthood much like the Quinceanera does for young Hispanic women.

Sweet sixteens are often highlighted with the first car and with that the first taste of independence. The invitations on this page give you plenty of ways to style your birthday to fit your ideas and expectations for the year to come.

Sweet 15 the Quinceanera Birthday

While it is common here in the United States to celebrate a young woman’s sixteenth birthday in the form of a Sweet 16, there is another birthday that is often described as the Sweet Fifteen. Some of you will certainly known it better under it’s real name. The Quinceanera, or Quince Anos birthday.

The 16th birthday is a tradition in the US, but in many of our neighboring countries and right here are home a 15th birthday is all of the rage.

What is a Quinceanera

A Quinceanera is much like our sweet sixteen, though there are numerous differences that make the celebration stand out. Let’s look at some of those differences so that you can find the fitting quince invitations for your daughter’s Quinceanera and make it a magical birthday.

Even though it is common here to celebrate a girl’s coming of age into womanhood, often with an elaborate party, a gift of high heels and similar milestone traditions a Quince Anos is more religious in nature.

Still that doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t be able to use the invitations we have here on Teen Birthday Invitations to liven up the party.

You may be more familiar with the phrase Sweet 15 in your area, but be assured what is being spoken about is the a party for the Quinceanera.

No matter if you are celebrating a US sweet sixteen or a Quinceanera you will find the fitting assortment of invitations for the celebration right here. We specialize in teen birthday party invitations for all types of parties. And we’re always adding new options to the mix.